PopED for R version 0.1.2 is now released
2014-11-19 - Release notes

PopED for R version 0.1.1 is now released
2014-05-27 - Release notes

PopED for R version 0.1.0 is now released
2014-04-28 - Release notes

PopED for Matlab version 2.13 is now released   2012-06-05 00:46 - PopED
The main features of this release is the ability to include run files from the GUI. This enables post- and pre processing of your optimizations, e.g. adaptive design within the GUI. Another feature is that completely user defined models can be entered directly in the GUI, e.g. easier to write multiple models with vector notation.

PopED for Matlab version 2.12 is now released   2011-06-05 00:46 - PopED
The main features of this release is the option to optimize/execute in parallel. Other script features are; inclusion of covariances in the random effect in the FIM, possibility to optimize individuals in design groups faster etc.
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PopED for Matlab version 2.11 is now released   2010-08-18 13:55 - PopED
This release enables PopED to run with FreeMat instead of Matlab. Furthermore, several new features including Laplace approximation for expectation integration, Ds-optimal design, occasions, BFGS minimization etc. are included in the GUI.
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PopED for Matlab version 2.10 is now released   2009-07-15 11:34 - PopED
This release enables PopED GUI to be run in other operating systems (e.g. Unix) with the Mono package. Furthermore, new features are efficiency translations and updated functionality to run within Matlab 2009
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PopED for Matlab Version 2.09 is now released   2009-06-18 12:36 - PopED
This release contains among other features: possibilities to work without the COM-server, more templates and lots of "behind the scene coding improvements" in the script version to make the code more efficicent.
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PopED for Matlab version 2.08 is now released   2008-06-12 16:54 - PopED
This release contains among other features the possibility to use discrete variables and inter occasion variability
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Overview of PopED

PopED is an Optimal Experimental Design tool for Non-Linear Mixed Effect Models. PopED can evaluate and compute optimal experimental designs for both population and individual studies. Often this is based on a computation of the Fisher Information Matrix (FIM).

The main development version of PopED is written in R and is available as a package via CRAN. The R version of PopED was translated from the Matlab version and the Matlab version is still somewhat more feature rich as the translation to R continues.

PopED for R


You need to have R installed. Download the latest version of R from Install PopED in R using one of the following methods:

Getting started

To get started you need to define:

  1. A model.
  2. An initial design (and design space if you want to optimize).
  3. The tasks to perform.

There are a number of functions to help you with these tasks. See ?poped for more information. There are several other examples, as r-scripts, in the "examples" folder in the PopED installation directory located at:

system.file("examples", package="PopED")

The same examples are located in the "inst/examples" directory of the Github repository.

PopED for Matlab

PopED 2.x is based on Matlab scripts and, for Windows .NET users or Mono users, a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is available.

The PopED GUI is a Windows based program written in the language C# .NET 2.0 that will wrap around the script version of PopED (written in Matlab) that performs the calculations needed to get an optimal design. The purpose of the GUI is to get an easy way to build up an experiment and to optimize the design variables in that experiment. There are also tools available for interpretation of the outcome of the optimal design and ways to validate models and simulate models prior to the optimal design. All these tools are accessible via the script version of PopED but then the user needs knowledge about the Matlab programming language and how to set up an experiment in the Matlab environment, therefore the GUI was developed to minimize the skills needed by the user in terms of programming. The PopED GUI also provides model templates and examples that will help the user to set up their own experiments. Some knowledge in the Matlab language might be useful but the model templates should give a good introduction to defining PopED models in Matlab. PopED can also be run in Parallel using a message passing system or within Matlab.

The PopED development team

The PopED development team consists of Joakim Nyberg, Sebastian Ueckert, Eric Strömberg, Mats O. Karlsson and Andrew Hooker, and is based at the Pharmacometrics research group, within the Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences at Uppsala University.

PopED for R is (c) 2014 Andrew C. Hooker. All rights reserved.

PopED 2.x for Matlab is (c) 2012 Joakim Nyberg, Sebastian Ueckert, Eric Strömberg, Mats O. Karlsson and Andrew C. Hooker. All rights reserved. Logo