PopED for R version 0.2.0 is now released
2015-03-21 - Release notes

PopED for R version 0.1.2 is now released
2014-11-19 - Release notes

PopED for R version 0.1.1 is now released
2014-05-27 - Release notes

PopED for R version 0.1.0 is now released
2014-04-28 - Release notes

PopED for Matlab version 2.13 is now released   2012-06-05 00:46 - PopED
The main features of this release is the ability to include run files from the GUI. This enables post- and pre processing of your optimizations, e.g. adaptive design within the GUI. Another feature is that completely user defined models can be entered directly in the GUI, e.g. easier to write multiple models with vector notation.

PopED for Matlab version 2.12 is now released   2011-06-05 00:46 - PopED
The main features of this release is the option to optimize/execute in parallel. Other script features are; inclusion of covariances in the random effect in the FIM, possibility to optimize individuals in design groups faster etc.
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PopED for Matlab version 2.11 is now released   2010-08-18 13:55 - PopED
This release enables PopED to run with FreeMat instead of Matlab. Furthermore, several new features including Laplace approximation for expectation integration, Ds-optimal design, occasions, BFGS minimization etc. are included in the GUI.
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PopED for Matlab version 2.10 is now released   2009-07-15 11:34 - PopED
This release enables PopED GUI to be run in other operating systems (e.g. Unix) with the Mono package. Furthermore, new features are efficiency translations and updated functionality to run within Matlab 2009
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PopED for Matlab Version 2.09 is now released   2009-06-18 12:36 - PopED
This release contains among other features: possibilities to work without the COM-server, more templates and lots of "behind the scene coding improvements" in the script version to make the code more efficicent.
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PopED for Matlab version 2.08 is now released   2008-06-12 16:54 - PopED
This release contains among other features the possibility to use discrete variables and inter occasion variability
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Documentation: Installation (PopED for Matlab)

PopED 2.13 is distributed in a binary form as well as source code and is written in a combination of C# .NET and MATLAB/FreeMat. The Windows GUI interface is written in C# .NET and communicates with MATLAB via a COM server or via the Matlab/Freemat executable and XML-protocols. PopED Gui is also availbale for Mono.

The easiest way to install PopED 2.13 for windows users is to use the binaries. If you are using unix then the .NET framework will not work and you should run the GUI with Mono and PopED.

If Matlab is not installed on your computer the PopED GUI could be used as an aid to build up PopED designs and models run remotely.

For further information, see the PopED 2.13 manual.


Installation steps

  1. Fulfill the requirements above.

  2. Unpack the downloaded zip-file.

  3. Run the setup file (setup.exe) and then walk through the setup wizard. Or; if Mono is used, unpack the Mono release zip file and run the GUI with: mono PopEDGui.exe

  4. Open PopED GUI from the Start Menu and Open File/Settings. Set the paths to the different directories.

  5. If the PopED program is NOT installed in the directory C:\Program Files\PopED, change the path in the getCurrentInstallationDir.m file in the installation dir\program\xml directory to your local path.

  6. Setup is now completed.

  7. Optional - If PopED should be run in parallel see installation instructions in the PopED manual. Logo